Friday, 30 April 2010

They think it’s all over – it will be on May 7th

Thank goodness the leadership debates are over. I didn’t watch more than a few moments and still think that there is something barking mad about judging who you will vote for on the basis of a few hours performance on television by three people......

Read the manifestos!!

Also – where are the women? I haven’t done the research but my instinct is that the wives of said leaders received more press attention than women PPCs. It is not that there aren’t any women candidates – the serious stories are going to the men. Very disappointing.

Our own campaign has done really well – as predicted there has been much publicity about health, treatment and waiting times amongst other health issues and, despite my predictions that this would not get any coverage – there was some limited publicity about science and medical research. We supported collaborative efforts on health but restricted our efforts to asking our supporters to write to their local prospective parliamentary candidates about something called the Charity Research Support Fund.

This is so that our donations go further in improving treatments and finding a cure for breast cancer.

Thanks to all the 840 supporters who did contact their PPCs and so far we have 574 signed up.

It isn’t too late to help – Click now on:

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