Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A perfect storm

It looks as if I was not alone in thinking what I was thinking in my previous blog post. Where are the women in this election campaign? Within moments of posting the blog I received a letter from a fellow Forum UK member, Kate Jenkins, on the subject which I was more than delighted to sign. You can see it here and then on Saturday there was an article in The Times by Janice Turner.

I am not totally sure where the fault lies – is it the reluctance of the parties to put women forward and is this because the media focus on what they are wearing rather than what they are saying. The press has been awash with interviews and photos of the wives - wonderful that the three party leaders have supportive wives but they are not being elected and their views should not influence us.

I don’t think this discussion will end on Thursday – there are too many of us who feel that this has been a testosterone-fuelled campaign to the detriment of all!

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