Thursday, 15 April 2010

Let battle commence!

Will the nation be glued to television tonight to see the three leaders do battle?

I have a plan for coping with the General Election campaign. A short digression – some years ago I met someone who had a plan for Wimbledon. She took two weeks off work; she laid in supplies as for a siege and her family was put on notice that they would have to fend for themselves as her contribution to the running of the household was strictly limited to what could be done in the morning before the tennis started. She spent the two weeks in front of the television, suitably refreshed from time to time.

So I think you need a plan. I will read the party manifestos. This is a bit geeky I know but that way you find out what they say, not what they want you to think they say, nor what the opposing party/ies want you to think they said (still with me?). It is always interesting to go back to them from time to time to see if they have kept their promises.....

I do listen to the news headlines twice a day and read anything my colleagues draw to my attention which might affect our organisation or our cause.

Other than that – I have sufficient recorded to watch on television to avoid the news and all the radio programmes I don’t have time to listen to on my MP3 player. As a readaholic I always have a batch of library books so that I don’t have to read the paper in desperation.

You see – you need a plan. I hope that our politicians have one that works.

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