Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Make your mind up

The Electoral Commission has reported that there has been a surge of people applying to register to vote since March 15 – more than 460,000 – with around half since the debate last week particularly from that elusive group, the 18–25 year olds.

Coming from a country (South Africa) where people died for the vote and then when they did get the vote stood in queues for many hours to exercise it, I have no patience with those who don’t bother, don’t get around to it and don’t think it makes any difference.

One of the quirkiest vote encouraging efforts is a video produced by Total Politics using “Making your mind up” which was number one in 1981 for Buck’s Fizz (and won Eurovision). It features politicians, political bloggers and three of the original members of Buck’s Fizz. It is quite amusing but of course you would probably have to be over 25 to have a chance of remembering the song......

However, it will amuse anyone old enough to remember it - and all those Eurovisionistas.

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