Sunday 1 June 2014

Mr Milliband - please do my shopping for me

Dear Mr Milliband

I gather that you spend about £70 a week on your family shopping bill. If you are campaigning on how the average family is still suffering from the “cost of living crisis” you should at least know that the average shopping bill for a family of four is over £100 and been a bit realistic -  you and your wife earn a fair whack so perhaps you could have admitted to spending above the average. 

Now I suppose if you are eating all your meals at that nice subsidized (by me) restaurant at the House of Commons, your wife is eating out too and perhaps the children eating at school then £70 would cover breakfasts, a light supper and the occasional cup of tea but possibly not weekends. I am probably being a bit unfair: you did say that was just for the basic groceries, fruit and vegetables etc. 

I bought some basic groceries yesterday and a few extras like tinfoil and washing up liquid and that came to over £60 which did not include any meat or fish, no nice bottles of wine or mineral water (husband buys the former and I never buy the latter). No snacks (so bad for you and anyway we bought enough chocolate in Berlin to last the year) and no fancy bread, I bake my own (so there).  But then there are only two of us at home and the fruit and vegetables won’t last the whole week.  I really would appreciate it if you could do my shopping for me.