Monday 4 January 2010

Happy New Year

Where did the time go? The holiday break seemed so long before it started but flew so swiftly. We had the Swiss family staying with us for most of the holiday and it was great to see the grandchildren. Also managed a sleepover at home with all four grandchildren – perhaps sleep isn’t the operative word here – for anyone. It was nice to see children and in-laws too without the pressures of work and the rule of the instant email on the phone.

One thing we can say for certain about 2010 is that there will be an election. If only we could get the general public engaged with politics as much as The X Factor it might be more representative. I know that the political parties are always keen on the “youth” vote because younger people are even less engaged. Personally I am not that concerned – perhaps as age creeps on I have become grumpy but I feel that I pay taxes, have paid them for a life-time – lucky me to have been willing and able to work for most of my life – they shouldn’t take my vote for granted either.

I gather that the leaders of the political parties are up for debates before the election. I have a better idea – each one of them in a booth which is sound-proofed. The booth has three buttons – A for “yes”, B for “no” and C for “I don’t know or I am not prepared to tell you”. Then they are asked questions and have to answer by pressing a button – they can say whatever they like but we won’t be able to hear them. The one who presses the C button the least wins.

In between babysitting duties we managed a few films – Holmes (great but I am a fan anyway); Nine – slightly surreal, if you liked Moulin Rouge this is your movie and a dire children’s movie which three out of four grandchildren loved and which had nothing for the adults (unlike films like Shrek). The cinema was empty – but an 11.30am show on 27 December was never going to be a sell-out! I also had my second visit to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert for a women’s night out and smiled all the way through again.

So back to eating three meals a day, instead of one continuous graze....