Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Women in the Livery, July 9

The City Livery Club shares the premises of the Little Ship Club and is a lovely venue – on the river with a wonderful view of the Thames – it would have been so nice had the sun been shining – rather than looking at a grey river through the grey rain.....

However, the atmosphere was anything but grey inside as it was hosting a reception for “Women in the Livery”.  You don’t have to be a Liveryman to join, but you do need some association with the Civic City – see Membership information.  I sometimes go there and relax between functions or between meetings – and the sun does shine sometimes too.

It was great to catch up with some old friends – Mei Sim Lai, the current Master World Trader, whose initiative this originally was, introduced some of the Lady Liverymen there so that any guests who were interested could identify someone to speak to.  She pressed me into saying a few words about my route to Master of the Needlemakers and after a charity presentation the networking began in earnest!

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