Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Armed Forces Flag Day, June 25

The Clerk and I returned to the Guildhall where the Sheriffs had been elected in the morning – this time to the Yard where many of the morning’s attendees reassembled with service men and women, cadets, members of the public, local City workers and tourists.

Music was provided by the Band of the Scots Guards who also played a fanfare before the raising of the Armed Forces Flag over the Guildhall at 3.00. This was one of many such ceremonies taking place across the UK and the City’s own tribute.

There were brief addresses from the Lord Mayor and Lord Astor of Hever, the Under Secretary of State for Defence, and a short blessing from the Guild Vicar at St Lawrence Jewry, the church across the courtyard from the Guildhall.

We then went back into the Hall for refreshments and a presentation from Commander Pete Olive, Royal Navy, from the Ministry of Defence on the Defence support for Olympics 2012.  He explained the scale of the operation – the largest in the world with the Paralympics being the second largest.  There are 10.8 million ticket holders over the games – compared to around three million for a football world cup.  So the scale is huge and there are a number of locations that have to be secured and monitored.  There will be 13,500 personnel involved including the reserve forces and men and women from all three services will be taking part.

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