Saturday, 23 June 2012

850 years of Livery Company Treasures at the Guildhall

Friday June 22 was the opening of the Butcher Baker and Candlestick Maker exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery by the Lord Mayor.  This is a fascinating exhibition with a very wide range of exhibits (including from the Needlemakers) exceptionally well curated.  I imagine that the difficulty must have been in what to leave out as there is so much that could be used.  The curators very wisely chose items, not necessarily for their value or antiquity, but for how they fitted into the story.

Included is the Weavers’ charter – the oldest Livery Company - and also one Coronation glove from Elizabeth I and one from Elizabeth II and much, much more.  The exhibition is on through the summer and a chance to learn about the Companies, the traditions, the crafts (old and new) and also to see items rarely or never on view to the public. 

I am now at the point with my fellow Masters that the faces are familiar – as indeed are their Companies – but the names........  I now know why we all greet each other “Hello Master”.  I am sure this is to show respect for office but more likely to avoid having to struggle for the name.

I also realise that you need to be fitter that I am for this “job” – a week of standing at various events and my feet are complaining (not me as I am having a great time). The men have it easy – no heels!  

I will be taking part in "Max's Walk" on July 12.  This is to celebrate the Master Tyler’s father, Max Nicholson, whose idea the Jubilee Walk to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee was.  Happily trainers will be de rigueur.

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