Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Your life is in their hands

One of the most interesting and specialised small museums in London is housed in the Royal College of Surgeons – the Hunterian Museum. It is certainly worth a visit and children find it fascinating.

However, our visit on February 2 was not to the Museum but to have lunch with three of the Needlemakers’ five bursary award winners at the College. These bursaries are given to young surgeons to pay for travel and training in their area of specialisation at a crucial time in their careers. It is very competitive and applications come from across the UK. Apart from the value of the training the award is a prestigious addition to their CVs. Applications come from across the UK and although the money is not huge it is quite targeted.

As always the winners were very impressive and we were treated to lunch with them, the President and the Directors of Education and Development. No such thing as a free lunch – each award winner had to make a brief presentation on what the training involved. Our lives will definitely be safe in their hands.

The photo shows the President, Mr Norman Williams, the Senior and Junior Wardens and me, and the award winners Mr Ross Davenport, Mr Nick Symons and Mr Ishtiaq Rahman.

Some interesting links: History of the College and virtual tours.

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