Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What shall we eat?

One of the privileges of being Master is that one gets to choose the menus for our functions. I have resisted having only my favourites, taking advice from our learned Clerk and discerning Consort about what the men might like to eat, and drink as well.

Monday January 16 saw the Clerk, the Junior Warden and me in the basement of the Mansion House tasting the dishes and wine proposed for the Banquet in March. We had already preselected two choices in each course and munched our way through them all – only half portions of each though. All done very precisely – eat half and pass the plate across. We do get our own glass of wine though – two white, two red and sparkling. Amazing that we could choose anything after that.

We were pretty much in agreement so I hope everyone else agrees with our choices. I took an executive decision and decided that we should eat the savoury before dessert. (There she goes throwing her weight around – let one woman in and all they want to do is change things – only joking!)

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