Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Silent Ceremony

The Silent Ceremony takes place the day before the Lord Mayor’s Show when the Lord Mayor is formally admitted to office and this was Friday November 11. The ceremony is known as the Silent Ceremony because, apart from a short declaration of office by the incoming Lord Mayor, no words are spoken. The outgoing Lord Mayor ceremonially hands the City insignia to his successor.

What I had not realized is that this takes place “on the flat” not on the stage in Guildhall so unless you are seated close to the action or are tall, once the procession has passed you have no idea what is going on (it's silent!). Note for next time – bring large cushion!

I did not go to the Lord Mayor’s Show this year as we had grandchildren responsibilities in the morning and an engagement in the evening (yes it does take me that long to get ready). I regretted it as it was a beautiful day and the parade, watched on television, looked amazing. I wish Alderman David Wootton a very successful year.

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