Friday, 30 October 2009

wear it pink® - text PINK to 81400 and donate £2*

The last Friday in October is the day for our national fundraising campaign to raise money for breast cancer research. Thousands of people all across the UK will be wearing something pink and donating at least £2 to beat breast cancer.

Yes it does seem frivolous and it is a bit of fun but doesn’t take away from the seriousness of the disease or the urgency of the research it will fund. If it helps us raise close to a third of our income – that isn’t frivolous.

Many of our corporate supporters have told us how it helps team building and gives a purpose to a dress down day as well has being incredibly easy to do. We are no different. Everyone is wearing something pink today. In true British tradition, the men are as likely to go down the pink tutu and angel wings route and one brave soul is wearing a sleeveless pink shift to go with his pink wig and six inch pink platforms (all of which are alarmingly fetching) – but the beard grown in defence rather gives the game away. We will all be contributing our £2 of course.

October is our busiest month of the year and although today is no less busy this bit of light heartedness has relaxed everyone. Happily I wear a lot of pink anyway so a pink shirt and pink jacket were just waiting to be worn although my pink clogs are probably not normal business wear.

At 11 o’clock is the finale of the October bake-off where every Friday different teams are bringing in cakes they have made and this has revealed some very talented bakers. Then there is a raffle and also a jigsaw which you win if you pick out the numbered piece – fitting as of course our logo is a puzzle piece and our aim is to put in the missing pieces of the puzzle that is breast cancer.

Frivolous - yes; great atmosphere in the office – yes; forgetting the reason why we are doing this – no; doing something about it – of course!

*If you text PINK to 81400 you will be donating £2 to breast cancer research – and it will cost you £2 in addition to your normal network charge for a text message. Go on – you know you want to.

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