Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Just back from a long weekend in Switzerland – Basel to be exact - where No 1 Daughter and family now live. We were not thrilled at the idea that two out of four of the adorable (and adored) grandchildren were going to move from a few minutes away to a plane ride away. However, thanks to City Airport we can now do door to door in less than four hours. Daughter had a party to celebrate a big birthday with the theme of “vintage glamour/retro chic”. Easy for me – just did the 70s flower power hippy thing and No 1 husband dressed up in white tie and tails (not quite a winning combination but we melded in).

Whatever anyone tells you about the Swiss – they may be staid and conformist and the trams run on time and no doubt all the clocks chime on time: but when they party, they really party. A very serious banker turned up in full Rocky Horror garb and was happily dancing away in knickers, suspender belt and a basque – and he started off at over six feet before putting on the size 44 red sequinned platforms. Daughter wore a dress I had made for me in the 1970s which has not fitted me in some time and now even if it did would expose more flesh than tasteful. Looked great on her! We had a number of flower children, a thirties gangster and a southern belle and some 1960s reprises – huge fun.

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