Friday, 19 June 2009

Campaign short videos

If you scroll down the right hand side a bit you will see a link to four short films which can also be accessed from YouTube. These are very short and the first two are conversations with two Breast Cancer Campaign supporters who have had breast cancer and why research is so important to them. The third is all about wear it pink which is the biggest fundraising event for breast cancer and the last one is why all of that is so important – how the money is being spent on research. Fundraising may look very pink and fluffy but there is such a serious purpose behind it – this is to show you that while research is generally a long term process, some of it can bring benefits to patients relatively quickly.

On a personal note as the weekend approaches, the weather forecast seems quite good so might be motivated to walk a bit – Number 1 husband will be glued to any, or all, of the golf, the cricket and the Lions rugby getting stressed, depressed or elated depending on what happens. Personally, I can’t take the emotion – go for the edited highlights every time.

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