Sunday, 24 May 2009

A cappuccino moment?

What is it with a cappuccino? I am very fussy about coffee - love the stuff, the good stuff and limit my intake so it has to be worth it. I buy my coffee from a specialist coffee shop (Higgins in Duke Street) and grind it myself; I have my own stash of freshly ground coffee at work and one of those filters that you hang in a mug to make fresh coffee. It is expensive coffee but when you work out the cost of a take-away coffee every day - save a fortune! I drink it black and have for 30 years. So why when I go out for a coffee or a meal do I suddenly order a cappuccino?

It looks great and smells good; I can twirl the chocolate into the froth so it is nice to play with, but when I start to drink it, it is always a disappointment. I have tried having an extra shot of coffee but it still doesn't work. Am I so shallow that I think I am buying into a lifestyle? (Wearing trainers doesn't make me feel like a runner).

On my STEP ON IT walk last week I stopped for breakfast and couldn't quite face milk so had black coffee and toast, and suddenly realised that I have been buying froth when what I really wanted was substance. I am sure that there is a profound lesson to be learned there but not yet quite sure what it is.

I haven't had a cappuccino since but wonder if it will last...

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