Friday, 11 April 2014

Are you Charged?

The grammar isn’t wonderful and the meaning a bit obtuse but that was the cry that went up several times a day during a very happy Christmas holiday with our Swiss family several years ago.  There were eleven of us – nine with cell phones, tablets and computers – all needing charging regularly. The house was built many decades ago when having two power points in a room was considered generous.  So as each gadget was charged, another was plugged in and so the cry went up – are you charged? Can I charge?

Matters can only get worse but the main point of this blog is why can’t the manufacturers agree on one type of connector?  At one point having an iphone, ipod and ipad meant that you could use the same charging cable but the new ipad now has a different one.  So when we pack to go away we need cables for our phones (two), tablets (two) ipods (whew only one) and computer – oh yes not to forget the Kindle – only one. Soon my carry on bag will consist only of cables and plugs......

Have been a bit dilatory with the blog – just back from a wonderful trip on the Hurtigruten ferry up and down the Norwegian coast – breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, interesting people, delicious fish, learned a lot about Norway but sadly only a glimpse of the Northern Lights.  I believe, had we been in Essex we would have had a great view......

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