Sunday, 5 January 2014

To comment or not to comment?

I don’t get many comments on my blog which is not surprising as I don’t publish them.  This is not because I am afraid of what people might say but rather because I wouldn’t want them to be published without my reading them and I would then have to decide which ones to publish or not and then justify it and it all becomes too much like hard work. If you leave a message I will see it and thank you to those who have.

I have a dilemma as someone – Emily – has left me a message and asked me to get in touch: I don’t have her email address so suggest if she or anyone else wants to get in touch with me - contact me through LinkedIn. It has a secure message system that avoids one having to give out a personal email address.

Perhaps I am missing a trick here but my blog is an occasional indulgence and I don’t want to turn it into hard work....

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