Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The joy of small things....

There are many joys of not working full-time - I wish I could think of something better than "portfolio career".  The big downside is the lack of salary cheque hitting your bank account every month.  Sigh.

What I don't miss is racing round the supermarket at 10 at night, doing laundry all weekend, ironing on Sunday night, squashing medical appointments at the very early beginning or end of the day, missing exhibitions because I just don't get around to it in that squeezed weekend and not seeing my friends enough.

I miss the buzz and the interaction with people, the adrenalin (but not the exhaustion) and feeling that you are at the centre of things - but, as I decided after an appointment this morning, that I had time to walk home in the sunshine rather than take public transport for speed, and buy a birthday card on the way, and take my time choosing it - there really are compensations.

Confession though - exhibitions still come and go and all that catching up with friends - regrettably that is more often on Facebook than in the flesh...... Must do better!

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