Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners, Masters’ Luncheon, May 14

This was a lunch with a different format where the invited Masters are requested to say a few words about their companies after lunch, which makes a change from just one speaker. 

As these things go in the City we spoke in reverse order of seniority with the first slot taken by the Tax Advisers’ Company  (Number 107 in the order of precedence) followed by me (Number 65 – no that’s not my age!), then the Clockmakers (No 61), the Basketmakers  (52), the Upholders (49) and the final talk and toast to our hosts from the Master of the Woolmen (43).

I was somewhat disconcerted by my lunch neighbour who advised me not to speak about our charitable work as everyone would nod off.  I did speak about our charitable work, of course, and I saw lots of enthusiasm rather than somnolence – perhaps helped by being only the second on the list!  Each Master was limited to four minutes after which time the Clerk would shuffle his chair, cough loudly and possibly do both together to much barracking from the audience. I managed to compress everything into the time required.

Seriously though, it was interesting to hear about the charitable activities of the various companies and I was able to speak about some of our charities and also our history with the City and Guilds (see earlier blog) and the good work they do.

It was an excellence lunch at the Armourers' Hall where we ate surrounded by 16th and 17th Century arms and armour.  It is a fascinating Hall - very spectacular and unusual – but I wouldn’t like a sleepover there – might be a bit spooky.

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