Monday, 23 April 2012

Election of the Sheriffs

On Tuesday April 17 I attended a Supporters' Meeting for Nigel Pullman at the Armourers' Hall. Nigel is standing for election as one of the two Sheriffs that attend the Lord Mayor. He has my personal support and I will be with other members of the Livery Companies at the Guildhall on June 25 for “Common Hall” to vote.

Two sheriffs are elected by the livery each Midsummer Day (24th June), unless a weekend (therefore Monday 25th June 2012). They take office in a ceremony at Guildhall on 28th September. Normally, as it will be in 2012, one of the Sheriffs is an alderman, who will hope to go on to become the Lord Mayor of London; and the other, sometimes referred to as the non-aldermanic sheriff, who has no further ambitions after completing his year at the Old Bailey.Unlike the election of Lord Mayor, here it can be a real election by the livery (as it was last year).

In 2012 the aldermanic candidate will be the Hon Jeffrey Evans, Alderman for the Ward of Cheap, and past Prime Warden of the Shipwrights' Company. Nigel is the only liveryman who has so far declared his candidature to be the non-aldermanic sheriff.

Note: The Armourers' Hall is an extraordinary place – not one I have visited before. I have never seen so much armour in one place before with some lovely paintings – a return visit is definitely required to look at everything more closely.

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