Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Research result for Health Bill campaign

If you have been following Breast Cancer Campaign on Facebook or Twitter you will see that we have been campaigning for the Government to include a specific duty on the Secretary of State for Health and the new clinical commissioning groups to promote research. The changes that the Government is proposing to make to the Health Bill were announced yesterday and this is included.

We are obviously delighted that the Government has agreed to this – and thanks to all our staff and supporters for contacting their MPs and spreading the word to family and friends. As you can see it made a real difference.

The specific research mentions in the document published by the Government are a new duty for the Secretary of State to promote research; for clinical commissioning groups to promote research and innovation and the use of research evidence, in line with the current duty on the NHS Commissioning Board. They have pledged to ensure that a culture of research and innovation is embedded in the arrangements for both the Board and Public Health England. Finally, to make sure that clinical commissioning groups and the NHS Commissioning Board ensure that treatment costs for patients who are taking part in research funded by Government and Research Charity partner organisations are funded through normal arrangements for commissioning patient care, as set out in existing guidance.

Of course, colleagues here will continue to follow progress with the Bill closely to see how these pledges translate into amendments and to see what other issues relating to research we can promote, now we have so many MPs committed to being research champions.

I would say watch this space – but rather become a fan on Campaign’s Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, and watch THAT space.

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