Monday, 14 March 2011

Let them eat cake!

Very exciting news as Breast Cancer Campaign was placed at number 40 on The Sunday Times 100 Best Places to Work in the Public and Charity Sectors list 2011, published yesterday. The charity achieved the fourth highest score (92.9%) for making a positive difference to the world. If you saw the photo you will think that eating cake is an important part of what we do here - and you wouldn’t be far wrong.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and every Friday different teams in the office contribute to the bake-off which is judged at the end of the month. Sadly my baking skills have never come close to matching those of incredibly talented colleagues. Last year the bake-off was won by the Communications team, and the Research team the year before. The competition is intense – but wanting to be the best is the DNA that runs through this organisation.

We want to support the best research and our scientists and our supporters share the credit for achieving the fourth highest score in making a positive difference to the world.

We have also been recognised in the Best Companies Accreditation list for 2011, achieving One Star Status.

We are delighted to have achieved places for the second year running thanks to the hard work of our staff, volunteers, fundraisers and trustees.

I am only sorry that because of The Times pay-wall I can give you a link to the page but you will have to subscribe to see it:

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