Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Yuck, yuck, yuck!

Breast Cancer Campaign lent its voice to Bowel Cancer UK’s excellent campaign for a screening programme for bowel cancer. Like with many cancers, early detection is very important and very often symptoms do not appear early enough or are missed by the individual and the doctor. A pilot programme was successful and this is now being rolled out across the country for individuals between the ages of 60 – 69.

For more information have a look at Bowel Cancer UK’s website -
and also the NHS website.

Being of mature years I received my envelope in the post in late June. I read it through briefly, it seemed complicated and somewhat distasteful so I did what I normally do with all unpleasant and important things, I “filed” it in the pile of papers on my desk. I kept noticing it and thinking that I must do something but did nothing. I then received the follow up mailing saying that I had 13 weeks to respond and then my name would be removed from this round. Panic – I can’t NOT do it.

So I read the instructions again more carefully and it isn’t that complicated. I have dealt with my fair share of pee-ing into a plastic container (surprising what levels of accuracy you can attain over the course of a pregnancy where this happens at every check-up – the gals will know what I mean, the guys will be bemused). I have also changed hundreds, if not thousands, of nappies for children and grandchildren but catching your own poo reaches levels of yuckiness not yet attained. There is also some interaction with little strips of cardboard - no - too much information.

Anyway, the deed is done (three deeds if that isn’t too much information) and it will shortly be in the post. It is a darn sight less uncomfortable than having a mammogram but I wonder how many people will just be put off by the yuckiness. Intellectually I know how important it is to do this but despite that I was more driven by guilt of how I could own up to not doing it rather than by my own health. Curious and irrational!

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